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Your Own Powerful FULLY Featured Professional Level WordPress Fitness ECommerce Store Installed and Set Up In Under 15 Minutes with Amazon as Your Personal Product Supplier and Dropshipper...

You now have a very unique opportunity to own a REAL BUSINESS you can be proud of. You can now tap into the raw marketing power of Amazon and the Thousands + fitness products they have and they want to pay you commissions for selling for them...


REAL e-commerce store that has all the features you would expect. With search filters, direct amazon add-to-cart functionality, and every feature a customer would demand from a store...


With the marketing and e-commerce power of Amazon's huge online inventory, you can promote a broad range of fitness products.


This site was designed to be easy to use. We show you how to install and setup your site, you can be up and running in 10 minutes flat. You can finally build a real business and focus on your profits...

Instant Real Authority in the Fitness Niche with a E-Commerce Store the Search Engines Love...

Don't get caught in the Google traps! We know they HATE low value affiliate stores. With Your Azon Fitness Takeover Super Fitness Store you will have a real business with massive true value that provides your users with a unique and fun shopping experience... All while putting commissions in your pocket!
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Azon Fitness Takeover

Just Take A Look At The Features

Thousands Of Fitness Products Ready To Sell

Your site comes with thousands of products already added and are ready for you to start selling and earning comissions!

Import New Amazon Products

Easily search and import new amazon products directly into your site

Fully Integrated With Woocommerce

Easy product and customer management plus customer retention and list building built into your site.

Automatic Amazon Product Updates

Product availability, pricing and more are all updated automatically giving you confidence in knowing that your site's products are all up to date.

Over 40 Fitness Product Categories

With thousands of fitness products in over 40 fitness sub niche categories your site will appeal to a broad range of buying customers.

Product Review Videos

Most products will include youtube video product reviews automatically.  This feature will boost your click through conversion rates which means more money in your pocket.

Amazon Widget Integration

Easily add amazon widgets to your site.  This gives you even more opportunity to secure commissions.

Primary Pages Created For You

All of the basic pages have been created for you including your legal pages.  This is just another feature that will save you time.

Automatic Content Syndication

Connect your social and web 2.0 accounts and automatically post products from your site and syndicate content on your site.

Integrated Stats Tracking

Easily track your site visitors,  analyze visitor interaction, page views and much more.  See which keywords your visitors are using to find your site.

Your Store is

100% Mobile Optimized

With Mobile Traffic Set to Exceed Desktop Traffic in 2015, We Make Sure Your Stores Are Ready to Take Advantage of This Traffic Trend...

Wait! There's More...

Your site also includes:

Fitness Product Reviews

Your site comes with over 30 amazon fitness equipment product reviews.  Each review is strategically templated for highest conversion rates.

Premium Fitness Articles

Your site includes over 20 premium fitness articles.  Each article is well written with integrated "Tips" to keep your visitors engaged.

Fitness Video Blog

Your site includes over 20 fitness video posts.  We all know that videos are one of the best ways to engage your visitors keeping them on your site longer which increases commissions.

Fitness Photo Gallery

Your site includes over 20 fitness photo gallery posts.  Just like videos are one of the best ways to engage your visitors, images can do the same thing keeping them on your site longer which increases commissions.

Latest Fitness News

Your site includes over 20 fitness news posts.  This includes press releases and news snippets which together gives your visitors that much more value.

The Potential is Huge... We've Made Everything EASY...

We have created something SPECIAL for you here today.  This is for professional marketers who want to tap in to the amazing potential of Amazon... This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY for REAL Amazon Profits!

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Make Your Content 100% Unique with Integrated Content Rewriting...

We have integrated your store with the top 6 content rewriting systems available to make your content unique...

If you want to make everything unique then that would be a monumental task to complete. So, we added this Special Offer Bonus Addon for easy content rewriting...

Just enter your credentials for any of the top 6 systems and your store will handle the rest for you.

Is This Amazing Site Easy To Install?


This is a large site but you must understand,  this is a REAL E-Commerce store and has many products plus great content so it is larger then most other sites.  I walk you through each step in installing your site and it only takes a few minutes.  It's that easy!

Is This Amazing Site Easy To Setup?

Yes It Is!

Again,  I walk you through setting up your site.  This includes inserting your amazon affiliate ID in all products and product reviews as well as amazon widgets.  You will be ready to start promoting your new site, driving traffic and making sales in no time flat!

Inline Promo Create promotions right inside your posts or pages–no need to open additional tabs or create the ad before you write your post, Use images in your ads for extra appeal–just paste your HTML code in the box and save, Set your ad to vanish on the date you determine (perfect for expiring offers, coupon codes, and other time-sensitive events) and more.

Push Notifications allows you to send “push notifications” right to your readers’ desktop or mobile device. User guide and instruction video link included.

Turbo Tweet Multiplier gets viewers to re-tweet your post buy giving them access to something (item, information) they would like to obtain.

WP Tube Maximizer will allow you to quickly and easily monetize or add content to any Youtube video in your blog.

Side Stripe at its most basic, Side Stripe adds a “slide out” sidebar that appears on any page or post, but it offers so much more features than that.

WP News Pro Displays content from different sources such as Facebook pages – Twitter – YouTube and Pinterest, The news will be displayed in several useful ways such as: inside content – content feed – website link and as a widget, You can choose between different types of content (images, news, profiles, product and timeline). You can easily sort them by date (so that you display the most relevant news available at the time). 100% fully responsive which means that the news will automatically adapt to any mobile device (iPad, IPhone, Android…etc.), You can use three different types of amazing effects (Slider, Boy Roll, JavaScript Roll).

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